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 V ish bored = tinyficthing

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Adam Siska


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PostSubject: V ish bored = tinyficthing   Fri Sep 28, 2007 4:14 pm

Where are you, my friends? V ish bored.

“When did you first know?” Michael heard a voice in another bunk and unconsciously started listening in when it was followed by a rustle of sheets.

“I always knew,” another shyer voice joined it. “I loved you since you first saw you.”

“You should have said something,” the first voice said soothingly.

Michael started slipping more and more in to wakefulness as the sounds in the next bunk got louder and there was a sharp slap of skin against skin. “You would have laughed at me, you asshole.”

“Ow! Why did you slap me?” Michael was sure he recognized this first voice but he was too tired to think too hard just yet. “I wouldn’t have laughed.”

“I wasn’t as pretty as I am now back then. You made fun of my hair all the time.” It sounded like a pout.

“I did not. You just didn’t take care of it,” Michael realized they were both male voices as the first one chuckled. “It was adorable anyways.”

“You think I’m adorable?”

“Yeah. Mmm.” There was a wet sound and Michael wondered what he was listening to.

“I love you, Butcher.” Michael froze, fully awake.



“What?” The drummer chuckled. “Shh Sisky, everybody’s sleeping.”

“You don’t love me too?” The bassist whimpered.

“You know I do.” There was another wet sound and Michael tried desperately to fall asleep, afraid he was intruding on an intimate moment.
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William Beckett

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PostSubject: Re: V ish bored = tinyficthing   Fri Sep 28, 2007 9:50 pm

Awww. xD
I bet Miichael thinks, "bandmates don't do that in my country." Poor kid.
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V ish bored = tinyficthing
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